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Getting JavaScript error when embed Spotfire visualiizations on HTML

Albert Chang 2

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I have install Spotfire Server, Node Manager, Web Player, and create some Libraries on server.

ThenI followed the instructions on How to embed a Spotfire visualization within a web page,

Link: https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/spotfire-tipstricks-embed-spotfire-visualizations-webpages

but getting error while HTML opened with Chrome, see attached file: 2019-04-25_095749.png.

and this is opened with IE: 2019-04-25_102911.png

Here is myhtml, see attacted file: testanalyst.html,

could you please help to solve this

Thank you.

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Not sure which version of Spotfire you are on but the way we use JavaScript API to embed an analysis is different for 7.5-713 and 7.14 and above. Below wiki article provides examples for both the implementations, I would suggest to refer to those examples and make changes as needed and then test,



Check the getting started section for examples

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