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How to Integrate Spotfire with AccelQ

Manisha CH

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I wanted to connect AccelQand JIRA with Tibco Spotfire 7.9. Can you please help us in how to connect spotfire with AccelQ and JIRA, what are the drivers required for that, and from where can i get them. You can also refer me with any document if you have regarding integration of AccelQwith Spotfire. It would be great if you provide me steps in detail for this integration as i am new to this and have never done integration of Spotfire with Accelq and JIRA.


Have REST API end point from AccelQ using which data for reporting should be extracted. Can anyone help me with the steps

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You can try using odata connector if you have odata endpoint setup for that server. Below are some references:




You can also find third party drivers like below:


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