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Renderer Link with two {$} or Masking URL

Manoj Chaurasia

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In my data table I have a column that containes the full URL of image file locations. I'm okay with the cell contents being a 100 byte URL name "if" I can mask the URL name to display a more common name like: CLICK HERE.


If I can't mask the URL name into something more common, my question is: Can I use more than one {$} as a variable (in the Renderer Link) to achieve a similiar result Below is an example of the cell contents. I've bolded and underlined the two requried data elements needed in order to get to the correct image file. These two numbers will be different for every record in my Spotfire table. Everything else is constant.


Content of a single cell:




I could use the Renderer Link fuction if the URL only needed one of the numbers (Ie. 7770000) as I would parse out the URL and create a column called DOCUMENT NUMBER and put the 7 byte document number in the column then use {$} in the above URL sting, replacing the 7770000. But becuase the URL needs both numbers, I'm not sure how to accomlish this with a single cell click.


Any suggestions or guidance would be appreciated.



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