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SQL Spatial Data Rendered to Map Chart

Tony Borelli 2

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I have ARCGIS spatial data in a SQL Server database view. It contains columns:


SHAPE (varbinary(max)),

XMin (float),

YMin (float),

XMax (float),

YMax (float),

XCenter (float),

YCenter (float)

After creating the Information Link, I noticed that the SHAPE column is not rendering. Spotfire is reading it as a Blob Data Type andthe Properties are blank in the Data Folder before adding the columns to the Information Link. Is there a way to get Spotfire to recognize this spatial data, so that I do not have to add the Property Name =ContentType and Value = application/x-wkb as well as Propert Name = Mapchart.ColumnTypeId and Value =Geometry to the Properties in the Column Element within the DATA folder before adding it to the Information Link

Also, I have to add Property Name = Mapchart.ColumnTypeId for all the X and Y fields with their corresponding values (XMin,YMin,XMax,YMax,XCenter,YCenter).

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An additional problem remains after implementing the solution previously discussed. I can not show the labels on the feature map, and have to manually fill in the values below for each column Name.

Data >> Column Properties >> Mapchart.ColumnTypeId

I have to do this for XMin, YMin, XMax, YMax, XCenter, and YCenter.

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