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please give me a Automation SMTP demo,please,please,please

Chao Dong

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The SMTP server used in automation services needs to be defined in your automation service configuration and you will get this information from your IT team. It is usually smtp.yourcompany.com. smtp.gmail.com is a gmail smtp server and might work for sending and receiving automation emails to/from a gmail account. However, this depends on how your environment is setup and therecould be some limitations/restrictions.
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Thank you for your answer. My problem has been solved, but now there is a new problem, as follows:






Start job youjian_test on server


Failed: Task 1'Send E-mail'failed with: Failed to send e-mail using SMTP server'smtp.263.net' from'wangxin03@visonox.com'to'wangxin03@visionox.com'.


Reason: System.Net.Mail.SmtpException: Failed to send mail. System.IO.IOException: unable to read data from a transport connection: net_io_connection closed.


In System. Net. Mail. SmtpReplyReaderFactory. ProcessRead (Byte [] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 read, Boolean readLine)


In System. Net. Mail. SmtpReplyReaderFactory. ReadLines (SmtpReplyReader caller, Boolean oneLine)


In System. Net. Mail. SmtpReplyReaderFactory. ReadLine (SmtpReplyReader caller)


In System. Net. Mail. CheckCommand. Send (Smtp Connection conn, String & response)


In System. Net. Mail. MailCommand. Send (SmtpConnection conn, Byte [] command, MailAddress from, Boolean Allow Unicode)


In System. Net. Mail. SmtpTransport. SendMail (Mail Address sender, Mail Address Collection recipients, String delivery Notify, Boolean allow Unicode, SmtpFailed Recipient Exception & exception)


In System. Net. Mail. SmtpClient. Send (MailMessage message)


End of internal exception stack trace


In System.Net



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