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Spotfire Scheduling and Routing

Edward Matutino

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Is there a way we can configure the scheduling and routing of Spotfire tosends a notification when schedule updates encountered an error or does it even detect error loads

We noticed that scheduled updates does not show's any error messages even when there's an issue in R scripts or data has not updated. We've verified that by running it in client where in the data is updated why the scheduler does not have the same output as the web player.

Any thoughts orinformation on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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There is no out of the box way to send notification for a failed scheduled update.

This idea however, has been posted by some of the customers through the ideas portal. You can vote for the same. Below is the link to the ideas portal for this enhancement idea.




It also has an action login query mentioned there which might be useful for your usecase.


Regarding thesecond question, Schedule Update error in the "Administrator UI==> Scheduling and Routing==>Activity" will only show up if the schedule update rule fails to cache the report for some reason. Only in case of a failure does the schedule update show an error in that tab. Anything related to missing data in the cached report, etc will need to be checked through the Web Player logs. This again can be a good enhancement where any warnings or messages while the schedule update runs can be displayed in a specific section in the UI. You can suggest the same using our ideas portal.

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