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Can I disable HTML Sanitation on Spotfire X desktop

Oliver Drummond

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In Spotfire previous versions (7.0.2 and 7.11 for example) it was easy to turn HTML Sanitation on and off.

All I had to do was go to Tools -> Administration Manager -> Everyone -> Preferences -> Text Area -> TextAreaPreferences -> And set the PerformHtmlSanitation to False.

I can't find it anywhere on my Spotfire X (10.2.0) desktop. Actually, I can't even find the Administration Manager.

Does anyone know where this can be set

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Hello Oliver,


To start with, it would be good to verify which installed client you are using - TIBCO Spotfire Desktop or TIBCO Spotfire Analyst - as they work in quite different ways when it comes to this. Considering what you had available in the previous versions, you seem to have used TIBCO Spotfire Analyst in the past at least.

To check this, in your Spotfire client, go to the Help menu, About TIBCO Spotfire. Does it say "TIBCO Spotfire Desktop" or "TIBCO Spotfire Analyst" in the area illustrated below


If you are using TIBCO Spotfire Analyst, the fact that you can't see theAdministration Manager tool indicates that you likely have not been given access to it. You should then contact your Spotfire administrators and either request access, or ask them to disable the HTML Sanitation for you (however, note that it's recommended to have it enabled - you can e.g. find some of the reasoning behind that explained in the followingcommunity post:https://community.spotfire.com/questions/why-html-sanitation-enabled-default)

Note: If you are connecting to the Spotfire Cloud, using the TIBCO Cloud Spotfire Analyst,HTML Sanitation can not be disabled.


If you are using TIBCO Spotfire Desktop, I believe there is currently no way to edit this. You can't use standard preferences to alter this, as preferences come from the TIBCO Spotfire Server (which the standalone Desktop doesn't connect to), and there is (to my knowledge) only a small subset of settings, corresponding to those preferences, available to set in Desktop, and HTML Sanitation is not one of them. I would recommend creating an idea for being able to set HTML Sanitation on/off for Desktop in the TIBCO Ideas Portal -https://ideas.tibco.com


Best Regards


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