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How to connect live data in JSON/ XML format from an external API into Spotfire to create streaming analytics

Raina Mortuja

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I am working on a project wherein I need to connect live data from a weather API such as https://api.weather.gov to Spotfire to create real time visualizations. I have looked at past posts on TIBCO community but I have not been able to sort the issue. Can someone post the script so that I can successfully do this and possibly a demo video on how to do it Any help is much appreciated.
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Hi, sorry not to have seen this Question earlier. So, to create streaming analytics, first one needs a stream. I don't think api.weather.gov has an API that generates a stream. Rather, it's a synchronous web service that provides a static document in response to some request.


I suspect there's some way of synthesizing a stream using a sequence of request responses polled at some interval, or perhaps you meant to interpret a returned list of forecasts as as sort of stream


Anyway, if you could say a bit more about what you mean by "real time visualizations" maybe I could have some more concrete suggestions about how turn results of api.weather.gov into a stream that could then be used as the basis for streaming analytics and ultimately dynamic visualizations.

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