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MapChart Axes

Dmitry Surovtsev

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Are you trying to add grid lines along the lat/long lines Or are you trying to overlay a grid onto the map background


If it's the first one, I would suggest that you add a suggestion to our Ideas Portal:



If it's the second, you can always use the Image Layer to position an image file on the map chart.

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Thank you Kirsten. Yes, I need X & Y axes with tick values and axis titles clearly displayed on the mapchart, and these will not necessarily be long & lat. I am using the mapchart as a workaround to the non-available filled areas option on a scatter chart.


Superimposing an image file with the axes might be a solution. However, my axes are rather dynamic on the visualization I'm working on, so I will need to generate such an image dynamically and find a reliable place to save/retrieve it constantly. Too many dependencies in my view.


Whilst I am positive above adding ideas for future improvements, I need to solve my challenge right now. So the workaround I'm thinking of is:


1. Plot tick values as labels to virtual datapoints along both x and y axes.


2. I may try to plot horizontal axis title as a label as well IF I figure out how to get rid of boxes around labels. Otherwise, same as 3 below.


3. The vertical axis title will be most challenging as it has to be rotated 90deg. Seems like I need to find a way to convert my text into a shapefile and plot it as a feature layer.


If you have any comments to the above plan, I would highly appreciate those.

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