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Set the Limit Line (Lines&Curves) with a value taken from table column

Igor Cernjava

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does anyone of you know how to set the Limit Line (Lines&Curves) with value taken from table column without using scripts in IronPython

Is there a way from the "Lines & Curves" tab to add a "Horizontal Line" and select directly the value of the limit from a table

I was searching here but I have not found an answer yet ...

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If you want to use limits of the column used in the y-axis then you can just use the "Custom expression" field to write your expression, using the column [Y], or the "Aggregated value" field allows you to pick from several standard methods.


If you want to just be able to enter a number and have a line drawn at that point, you can create an Input property control and send that value to the Lines & Curves dialog.


In the attached example I used Min([Y]) and Max([Y]) to show upper and lower limits, then used an Input property control to draw a line at any point.


If you want the program to compute a value for the horizontal line that is based on a column in your data table other than the one used on the y-axis then you'll need to get into some scripting.

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