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Draw circle with fixed radius on geographic coordinates - Follow-up question

Guillaume Moog

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has a *.sfd file to draw circles. It says that "The circle must be added as a Feature Layer using the coordinate reference system EPSG:4326 - WGS84." however, is that true if the original coordinates of Lat/Long were in another coordinates system

Also, how to plot the circles once I have generated the column it is said to use a feature layer which I have try to do with no success. Do you have an example where the *sfd file is put to use to actually show circles on a map


Thank you

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I kept testing stuff while waiting for an answer and solved my own problem.

First, I converted my markers longitude/latitude to EPSG:4326 using the *sfd file from "Tranform CRS for markers by EPSG code" provided here:https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/useful-geospatial-data-functions-spotfire

I had to install the 'sp' and 'rgdal' for TERR using the "Tools/TERR Tools". I double checked the output coordinates matched the original ones.

Then I run the draw circles script from the same link using as instructed and was able to add a simple feature layer for the circles.

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