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Is there a way to selectively hide which X/Y-axis labels are visible

Manoj Chaurasia

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The title say it all.


I've got a bar chart with a 4-deep nested category axis.


I only want the category labels visible for the first two nests - any deeper and it looks very ugly as there just isn't the space.

The only option I see is to have everything visible or everything hidden - is there really no way ot fine-tune this


There is the option of dragging the x-axis line up or down to hide / expose some lables but in this instance it doesn't work (text starts wrapping and there's no pattern as to which nest labels are hidden.


- Exporting to Powerpoint as an editable image really isn't the way I want ot be forced to go on this


Any help / suggestions / commiserations appreciated.





Spotfire v5.0

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I found a workaround that has worked for me. Right click on your visualization and go to Properties. Then go to Category Axis.Under the right side, select Label Rendering. Select the column that you want to hide the labels. Then for the Show as:part, select Image from URL,but don't provide a URL. Then drag Max Size:slider all the way to the left until the labels are no longer showing.

I know this is an odd workaround but it worked for me and hopefully this helps others as well.

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