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Remove Filtered Out data from Calculated Columns

Manoj Chaurasia

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I have a few calculated columns in my analysis. I would like the results of the calculation to change accordingly when data is filtered.


For instance, if my calculation is: Count([PubType])

I would like the result to be different when i filter out some of the PubTypes. Right now, this does not happen. The calculation takes into account ALL the data that is in the data table regardless of whether it is filtered out or not.


Does anybody know how to get around this


Thanks a lot!

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Calculated columns are not dynamically recalculated, so you would need to create them as 'custom expressions' which are dynamic. You can create the custom expression on any axis by right clicking on the Axis selector and selecting 'Custom Expression...'. The resulting interface looks nearly identical to the calculated column interface, but the expression will be recalculated each time you filter.
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