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Limit number of rows being displayed in list filter

Anand Saurav

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Hi All,

I am very new to spotfire and I have a requirement where in I have to show the values of a column in a list filter. However I want to have a property control filter which can take integer value. So if I put 10 in that property control filter then in the list filter , I should see only 10 values of the column. So, basically number of values being shown in list filter should be controlled by integer value in property control filter. Any help will be appreciated.

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Create a new column in your data set that ranks the values in the column you want in the list filter, then wrap that in a case() statement that checks to see if the rank is less than or equal to the value in your property control. If it matches, then display the value from the original column, if not then display a blank. Use this column in the list box filter so you only see the top N values.
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Hi, I tried doing it. But the problem is that when I create the list filter using this new column , I get an empty value in the list filter apart from correct values. Any idea how to get rid of that. 


I am using following expression to create new column:


If(col1value<= variable, col2value,'')

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