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Stored procedure linking from Postgres to Spotfire.

Harsha Jha

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There a a few things that need to be created in order to set this up.

They are created in Information Designer:

1. Create a data source connecting to your Postgres db.

2. Create necessary columns.

3. Create a procedure and link the procedure from your db.

4. Create an information link using prompts, where the input values can be inserted. The created procedure can be added to the information link.

You can read more about Information Designer if you from within Spotfire Analyst go to Information Designer (Tools menu for version 7.14 and earlier, Data menufor version 10 and forward) and click Help button.

It is difficult to give more explicit information as I do not know you exact scenario.

Should you run into issues when performing the above, I recommend that you open a case with us!


Kind regards


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