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Stable visualisation IDs for JavaScript/JQuery


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I've written a script in JQuery that triggers whenever the mouse is over a visualisation. I got the visualisation ID from the developer tools on Spotfire and the script then works on my desktop dxp:


$(document).ready(function() {

$( "#id208" ).mousemove(function(e) {



});However, the ID that I got from the development tool is not stable. It changes when the display environment changes or when the dxp is resaved. Is there a stable ID or some other identifier that I can use to recognise the visualisations The classes are not unique so I don't think I can use those.

By the way, the Spotfire IDs that you can get from heredo not seem to be recognised by JQuery so I don't think I can use those either.

Any help gratefully received!

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