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Combination Chart with 100% stacked bars

Almerindo Abreu

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I'm trying to create a bar chart visualization with 100% stacked bars combined with a line for the goal for my data. Something similar with attached image.

It's possible to do a visualization with a Bar Chart > Properties > Lines & Curvers with Label configureted as bar segments percentage Or is better to use a Combination Charts visualization I couldn't create a configuration for the Y-axis label as bar segments percentage.

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In combination chart, you will not get option for 100% stacked bar and also bar percentage in labels. To get percentage you might need to create a custom expression for stacked bar using over function. But again stacked bars can only be used if your line series is also going to use same scale. If you select multiple scale option, you will not be able to use stacked bars.

So probably you should try to use bar chart and try to plot line using lines &curve

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