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Column dendrogram not interactive or dynamic

Luke George 2

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Hi there,

I noticed in the following tutorial on dendrograms:

that their column dendrogram was fully interactive and dynamically created cluster groupings in a new column as the pruning line is adjusted. However, in my analysis my column dendrogram does not do this (cannot mark clusters on the dendrogram and cluster groupings not created in new column as the pruning line is adjusted).

I found this note in the following guide on dendrograms:


"Note: If you add a column dendrogram to a heat map that is set up with multiple cell value columns, then the cluster column cannot show any cluster IDs. This means that the cluster column cannot be used for filtering, or to color or trellis other visualizations by. Also, the column dendrogram will not be fully interactive. For instance, it may not be possible to use the dendrogram to highlight or mark in the heat map. However, you can still move the pruning line to see the calculated distance or similarity, as well as the number of clusters."

however, I don't really understand what is referred to by "multiple cell value columns", nor why in my analysis the column dendrogram is not interactive while in the YouTube example it is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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