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Cannot open an analysis

Thorsten Haarmann

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Dear community,

I still use Spotfire v6.5.

Unfortunately I cannot open an analysis I have created with the same version. You find the error message below. What can I do to identify what went wrong and to avoid such errors in the future (besides upgrading the version) It was quite a lot of work to create this one.

Best regards



Error message: Unable to read the file XXX.dxp. The file is not a valid DXP file.

TargetInvocationException at Spotfire.Dxp.Framework:

Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. (HRESULT: 80131604)

Stack Trace:

at Spotfire.Dxp.Framework.ApplicationModel.ProgressService.ExecuteWithProgressCancelable(String title, String description, ProgressOperation operation, Boolean showCancelButton)

at Spotfire.Dxp.Forms.Application.FormsApplicationThread.ExecutePromptingOperation(String title, String description, PromptingApplicationInvocation promptingApplicationInvocation)

at Spotfire.Dxp.Application.RichAnalysisApplication.Open(String filePath, DocumentOpenSettings documentOpenSettings)

at Spotfire.Dxp.Main.Program.c__DisplayClass4_0.b__0(LoadCallbackParameters parameters)

at Spotfire.Dxp.Forms.Framework.Utilities.LoadFileHelper.LoadFile(LoadCallback callback, LoadCallbackParameters parameters, Form owningForm)


DxpFileFormatException at Spotfire.Dxp.Framework:

Exception of type 'Spotfire.Dxp.Framework.Persistence.DxpFileFormatException' was thrown. (HRESULT: 80131500)

Stack Trace:

at Spotfire.Dxp.Framework.Persistence.DxpDocumentFileReader.RequireEntry(ZipReader zipReader, String entryName)

at Spotfire.Dxp.Framework.Persistence.DxpDocumentFileReader.LoadDocument(Stream docStream, List`1 trustedScriptHashes, PersistenceManager persistenceManager, IServiceProvider serviceProvider, Int32 supportedVersionIndex)

at Spotfire.Dxp.Framework.Persistence.DxpDocumentFileReader.DxpDocumentFile.GetDocument(IServiceProvider serviceProvider)

at Spotfire.Dxp.Application.AnalysisApplication.d__83.MoveNext()

at Spotfire.Dxp.Forms.Application.FormsApplicationThread.c__DisplayClass17_0.b__0()

at Spotfire.Dxp.Forms.Application.FormsProgressService.ProgressThread.DoOperationLoop()

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Hi Thorsten,

Is the file saved in the library or locally on disc

If saved in library, could you test the followingsteps to download the file from Library and test the behavior.


Open Spotfire Client

Go to Tools > Library Administration

Select the File and export

Go to tss6.5.xtomcatapplication-datalibrary

Extract the filename.part0.zip folder

In that folder there should be a file with GUID as a name

Rename that file to your Filename.dxp

Open the file in Spotfire Client.


Kind regards


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