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auto sort table in HTML (or Javascript)

Egbert Vierkant

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I have made a horizontal bar chart that displays the average value of 4 columns. The bars are auto sorted by the average value. I'd like to place a text box next to the chart displaying the percentiles corresponding with the average value in the chart (so the percentiles should be sorted based on the averages). Here is an example (unsorted).


average percentile

Column1 50 52%

Column2 25 12%

Column3 49 70%

Column4 12 1%

My questions

1. Does anyone know how to create such (dynamic) table in a text area, that automatically (or by a click) sorts the percentiles in the right way as soon as the values change (by filtering)

2. The ideal would be to end up with a table that hides the first two (table) columns. The result would be:






By combining the horizontal bar chart with the averages and the text box above, I would have what I want.

Any suggestion is welcome!

Many thanks in advance!

Egbert Jan

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