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Linking Text Area to automatically update when Filters are changed

Alex Grill

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Is it possible to link a text area so that when Filters are changed, the text changes too I am trying to build a document for reporting on different clients during different date ranges. The document has the data for all of the clients and all of the dates-- filters are used to narrow down what you're looking for at any given moment. For the most part, each report will be exported to a PDF to show said clients. I have a cover page that I want to display the following information: Client: XYZ Inc. Dates: (2/1/2018) - (3/15/2018) Where the selected client and dates are the data that is being filtered from the bigger data set. Is there a way to code the text area so that when I change the filters within the document to a specific date range, the text on the cover page automatically updates to match Same for Client. Let me know if more info is needed-- thank you!
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Am not sure with I get your point clear, but the below suggestion might help.

Edit textaera> property control> Input field> create a document property

> save it.

Back to your visualization. Properties> data> edit, Limit data using expression>

[Date] = "$(date)"> Ok

Now when you hard codethe date into the Input Field in your text area

it will fetch only the records associated with that Date. Hopefully this is what you are trying to achieved.

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I would add a series of calculated valueswhere all should be limited by the filtering scheme that the rest of the page is based on. The values will automatically summarise the current filtering.


Client: [CALC_VALUE_1]

Dates: [CALC_VALUE_2] - [CALC_VALUE_3]


[CALC_VALUE_1] ~ First([CLIENT])

[CALC_VALUE_2] ~ Min([DATE])

[CALC_VALUE_3] ~ Max([DATE])

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Information on how to add a calculated column can be found here:




Basically, you want to add a text area and write your text (e.g. "Client: "). You then need to click the last dropdown on the menu bar ("Insert dynamic item") and select "Calculated value". On the Data tab, choose your table and the marking scheme and/or filtering scheme you want to use to limit your data (from what you've said, I would guess you only need to set the filtering scheme to "Use the current filtering from the page (Default)"). Then go to the Values section and under "Calculate values using:" choose your field name (e.g. "CLIENT") and an aggregation (e.g. "First").

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