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This article describes how to avoid display of login prompts in Spotfire Web Player using data connectors for SSAS Cube

Avinash Sunkara

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Step One

Make sure the correct Microsoft SQL Server ADOMD.NET driver was installed on the server ... depending on your Spotfire version.

To use connectors that require a data source driver, the driver must be installed on the computer that is running the connector.

That means that if you want to work with a connector in the Spotfire Automation Services, or the web clients Business Author and Consumer, you must install the driver on the computer running the Automation Services or Web Player server

Step Two

Grant the access of 'Allow log on locally' rights on the Node Manager Server machine to the end user.


As we know, the MSAS connector only works with Windows Integrated Authentication. This makes it so the connector needs to impersonate the user that is to be logged in to the source, which is why all users who need to access the report sourcing data from the cube be explicitly granted log-on rights to the node manager system so that the connector is able to impersonate them. If not the users then the group that they belong to needs to have the log-on rights (i.e the individual users or the AD group they belong to be granted 'Allow log on locally' rights on the Node Manager Server machine).

Step Three

When we are trying to open an analysis file from Spotfire web player connecting to SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) cube, it usually prompts the user to enter credentials when opened from the Web Player, If would like to gain the access without requiring any login credentials. We can disable the prompt by setting up a credential profile (Service account) in Web Player configuration and setup WebConfig authentication for SSAS adapter.

Based on the following knowledge base article we can set the credential profile in Web Player configuration and setup WebConfig authentication for SSAS adapter.



TIBCO SpotfireServer 7.5 and newer.







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