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Cascading dropdown issue in Spotfire

Gopika Purnima

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I have two drop downs lets say Continent and Country and I am trying to perform cascading on these drop downs. I am able to achieve cascading but if I select continent as Asia and if Asia has more than 1 countries like India,China and Japan then the second drop down i.e., Country is showing only first option like it is displaying only India and not displaying any other countries. I followed the exact steps which are being explained here : https://visualbi.com/blogs/tibco-spotfire/10-steps-filtering-tibco-spotf...

I am sure I followed the exact steps till Step 9 and I was able to proceed without any blockers and I think 10th step is little confusing and I am not sure if there is something I am missing.

Thanks in Advance.

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it works for me. It is a little unpredictable whether I get an initial --- or an actual selection when I change Continent. However I don't understand what you mean by displaying only the first option: do you mean there are actually no other options selectable in the dropdown

Can you upload a sample dxp


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