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Cross table difference between columns

Daniel Yugueros

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I believe I have the same question as the following two:





however the answers provided are insatisfactory (in one case it says it is not possible); also I was hoping there may be some news since the answers were provided... I want to calculate the difference between 2 (or more) columns in a cross-table, each column being a SUM aggregation of a data table column.

To note the actual values to be included in the columns are based on marking from another visualization so there is no fixed name for them. I tried with this and it seemed to work although it showed one column with all 0 values corresponding to computing the first column minus itself.

But then I now see sometimes values different than 0 in the column where I expect 0 ...

Sum([MyColumn]) THEN [Value] - First([Value]) OVER (Intersect(Parent([Axis.Columns])))If I try the following it only works for 2 columns ...

Sum([MyColumn]) THEN [Value] - First([Value]) OVER (Previous([Axis.Columns]))If I try the following the Grand total row doesn't seem to work...

Sum([MyColumn]) THEN [Value] - First([Value]) OVER (AllPrevious([Axis.Columns]))

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