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Tibco Log VA - Applying OS Security Patches

Jay Wray

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Hi -

We are about to move forward with a Tibco LogLogic pilot to start centralizing our log files form various ICT infrastrcutue. In our organizaiton we have a patch management standard that dictates all servers must be patched monthly. We are a Redhat linux shop on the nix side of things.

I'm just wondering is we are free to patch the LogLogic VA If not does Tibco release patches for the appliance, if so how are they delivered and at what cadence What is the underlying flavor of Linux in the VA


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Can you submit a support case via our support portal at https://support.tibco.com so that we can provide information to you for answering all your questions Please let us know as a reply to this thread if you are unable to access the support portal. If you need a user account you can email support@tibco.com so that our Technical Assistance Center can work with you to establish an account.

Thank you


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