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Multiple Limiting expressions for one Cross Chart

Corporate Analytics

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I need to take the same data and limit by Multiple expressions within the same Cross table. Currently, I am only coming up with the YTD column. Manager Date Gross Margin => Account Manager Last Week This Week YTD AM 1 2/3/2019 1000 => AM 1 1000 750 1750 AM 3 2/11/2019 1200 => AM 2 900 0 900 AM 2 2/3/2019 900 => AM 3 5000 2300 7300 AM 1 2/11/2019 750 => AM 3 2/3/2019 5000 => AM 3 2/11/2019 1100 => Is it possible to do this without having to pivot and otherwise make any drastic changes I would prefer to not have multiple Cross charts or KPI charts with the proper limiting expressions (which is how I am currently overcoming this).
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Sorry about that, the formatting changed after submission. I've attached a simple .xlsx example.

I'd like to Pivot and recategorize so that there is minimal need for manipulation each week as I update the Data. I'm also trying to avoid having to pivot the raw file and having to upload and and join a second sheet. This is the only visualization that I would need to pivot the data.

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