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Marking applied to a field, not specific rows

Scott Thompson 4

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I have a cross table setup that has spend by factory by quarter, and say I mark a particular factory for 1Q19. I have another table based on this marking that shows me spend by material in 1Q19. Now, what I want to be able to do is mark one of these materials (say, the highest runner) and have another visualization automatically pivot to show me that material's spend across time. I can't figure out how to do this...if I base that visualization on my second marked visualization...that one was filtered down from only 1Q19 and only has the rows for 1Q19...not across time like I am trying to see. Is there a way to "mark" that second visualization table but have it only feed the Material name into the Material field in my third visualization...so that this table can look across time
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You can setup a data function to capture marked field value and set it as document property value. Once the document property value is set, you can use that in data limit expression of third visualization like [Material]="Wood" and do not limit it by any other marking then you can get trend for wood not just specific Q1 data
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