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Background Color for odd columns

John OSullivan1705507865

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There is an option in the "Edit Custom Theme" menu to set a background color for odd table rows. Is there any option to set a similar option for cross tables Is there a similar option for columns rather than rows

I have a need to more clearly delineate columns in a cross table and would like the option to either make "odd" columns a different background or add solid vertical lines between columns. Ideally, would like the option to define this for a specific horizontal column header in the case where there is a hierarchy of column headings.

see attached image for an example of what I'm trying to do.



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Please take a look at this page for the coloring options available for cross table -



Your requirement looks like is an enhancement and you can please report it in the Spotfire ideas portal here which is actively monitored by our Product Management to consider enhancements in the Product.


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