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Why is data from PI System pulled on machine timezone

Kaio Souza

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I'm having a huge problem. My PI System is in MST timezone and my machine is in CST timezone. I need to pull data in MST but there's no functionality to set the timezone. Spotfire pull on machine timezone (CST) automatically.

My solution now is to calculate a new column applying the time offset based on the timezone, but this means that I have to check every part of my file that uses the original timestamp column and change to the new... I really don't want to do that. Does someone have an easy solution for this


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Hi Kaio

How are you pulling the data into Spotfire.

In our Custom Data Source for reading PI data their is a timezone option to specify Local or UTC time as there is no way to find out what timezone the PI Server is in at runtime.

I suspect you are running into the same issue.

If you are planning to run the final DXP on a Web Player server, note that the results will display in the timezone of the Server running the Web Player service.


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