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macro code from StatSoft example appears to give an error

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Hi Forum,

I was attempting to run a macro code example given on the StatSoft developer's network. Here is the URL:


I loaded the recommended data set (Heart.sta) into a workbook along with the macro. When I run the macro, I get this message below. (the double quotes around the macro name are my own)

VBA Error in macro "Macro read variable text info" at line: 15

(10094) ActiveX Automation: Object var is 'Nothing'.

The line of code that appears to be in question is:


I am supposing that the code is somehow not understanding which variable to use

The data set was set as the Active Input prior to my running the macro code.

I copied this code verbatim from the example at the URL (at least I thought I did) and ran it with the data set recommended in the example at the URL. What have I done wrong

I am using Statistica 64 11


Thanks to anyone who can set me straight on this.





Here is the entirety of the code (copied from the URL above).


Option Base 1

Option Explicit


Sub Main()

'this example was written using the example data file heart.sta

Dim spr As Spreadsheet

'assigns the active spreadsheet to the object spr

Set spr = ActiveSpreadsheet

Dim values() As Double

Dim labels() As String

Dim descriptions() As String

'place the text label values, labels, and descriptions into their

'respective arrays.


'display the first text label parameters as returned above.

MsgBox "Value = " + Str(values(1)) + vbCrLf + "Label = " + labels(1) + vbCrLf _

+ "Description = " + descriptions(1), vbOkOnly, "Variable Text Label"

End Sub

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