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StreamBase 10 and ActiveSpaces 3 or ActiveSpaces 4: How can I resolve an UnsatisfiedLinkError: tibdgjni.dll

Steve Barber

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When I run the sample_activespaces activespaces.sbapp sample program, I am seeing a

[unsatisfiedLinkError: C:TIBCOas4.0bintibdgjni.dll: Can't find dependent libraries]

in the StreamBase Studio OutputStreams view as the value if the info field of a tuple in the ControlStatus stream.

I have followed all the directions in the/sample_activespaces_3/ActiveSpacesOperator_README.html file, but I still get the error.

I am running on Windows.

What is wrong and how may I fix it

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Missing from the sample's instructions is a reminder that in order to use ActiveSpaces and FTL, the directories containing the DLL's for those products must be on the PATH of EventFlow engine.

The directories are %AS_HOME%bin and %FTL_HOME%bin, respectively.

It is not enough to have these directories on the the EventFlow fragment's externalNativeLibraryPath as the sample's README implies.

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