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Connecting Spotfire to JMS Queue or Topics

Pushkar Hagawane

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Ihave requirement in my current project wherein ihave to connect to JMS Queue from Spotfire. I am not able to find any solution for that.

Is there any way for Spotfire to connect to JMS Queue.

Also I am lookingfor the TIBCO Data Virtualization for that matter. I have seen the architectuyre of TIBCO Data Virtualization and therein it was mentioned we can connect to JMS Queue.

If that is possiblethen I need help on that.

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Out of the box there is no way to connect Spotfire to JMS Queues but as you mentioned it can done via TIBCO Data Virtualization.

Please take a look at this documentation for more details on how to set this up-




Section-Configuring TDV for Using a JMS Broker


For any specific questions related to how to set this up please log a support case with TIBCO Data Virtualization Support.

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