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Performance Issues with Marking and Details Appearing

Andrew H

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I've been having some issues with users marking a Master-Details visualization.

In some cases I'm using a Bar Chart as a Master view and a Cross Table as a "Details" view (or some other visualizationcombination). And some users have noticed they need to double-click a item on the master view before other "details" visualizations display anything.

Has anyone else experienced similar issues or know a way to resolve

Would appreciate any insight someone can offer.



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This will depend on data table relations between the two tables, any script execution is going on when records are marked in master view. You can probably check the client debug logs (Help > Support and Diagnostics > Logging > Enable debug mode). Reproduce the issue and see in the logs.

If you mark one time, check the related tables i.e. which tables got that marking applied and which did not. Is it some related columns issue between various tables

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