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Como inserir parmetros em uma tabela

fernando martins

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You could achieve this by updating a document property when the user marks a different row in a data table. There are 2 ways to update a document property when marking changes by using javascript or using a data function. These have been described here: https://community.spotfire.com/wiki/triggering-ironpython-scripts-when-mark...

To provide you an example I've used the data function approach in the attached dxp file (version 10.2)

The steps I've done are:

1. Create a document property called 'title' to serve as a place holder for the value for the marked row.

2.Next I've created a R data function called 'copyDF'. This copies input (marked value) to output (document property).

3. Then I've configured the title of the table to the 'title' document property.

Best regards,


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