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Unable to Format Line Chart Continuous X-Axis DateTime as Date

Dylan Sawyer-Villers

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See attached DXP for example.

I'm using Tibco Spotfire Analyst Version 7.10.

I've want to create a simple line chart that has X-Axis (continuous date binned) and Y-Axis (Cumulative Sum of values colored by 3rd field).

Date is formatted correctly in the Column properties.

The line chart refuses to change the X-axis formatfrom anything but [MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS AM/PM] (12/31/2018 12:00:00 AM)

* This is true even when I autobin the values into month & year format.

* If I don't bin the X-Axis (consumer desired functionality is to bin by Day/Month/year), then the CumSum fails because it can't find Axis-X

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Gaia - I appreciate you help, but no luck.  Perhaps I'm missing something  Can you opent he DXP I uploaded and see if there's something obvious  


The formula: Sum([Value]) THEN Sum([Value]) OVER (AllPrevious([Axis.X]))


....Is literally the default from the "Cumulative Sum" Aggregration method on the y-axis.  This is the documentation I'm following:



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Sorry - [value] is a terrible column name.  Apologies.


Unfortunately, I cannot use [Date] on the X-Axis because my consumers require the ability to aggregrate by Year>>Month>>Day.


I know I can do this with some complicated calculated columns and a property control; it just seems strange that Spotfire won't permit formatting of a Date axis.

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