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How to Fix one property control with different conditions for multiple visualizations

gurusai sankar

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Hi All,

PFA- Dxp file and kidly help on this. I have the data like Period, Resource pool Name, Project, Capacity Hours, Capacity FTE, Allocation Hours, Allocation FTE

My Requirement: I have fixed property control for Hours & FTE in Combination Bar chart.

Fixed Drop down filter:

When user select Hours- Capacity Hour & Allocation Hours will get

When user select FTE- Capacity FTE & Allocation FTE will get.

Fixed Marking ;

From 1st vis to 2nd , from 2nd to 3rd .

My Requirement is now- I should only get Allocation Hours and Allocation FTE in 2nd & 3rd visualizations (Not include Capacity Hours & Capacity FTE)

Request you to help on this issue.



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I think you are trying to do too much with the document property. I would change it so that the values are FTE or Hours(not the calcs you have defined.) Then change the Y axis in each chart to be a custom expression, e.g. the first bar chart would be

Sum([Capacity ${dropdown}]), Sum([Allocation ${dropdown}])

and the second would be

Sum([Allocation ${dropdown}])

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