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How to Browse Text file from Web client and pass the unique concatenated value to property.

Anil Damamkar

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I want to browse txt file from spotfire webclient,which has list of string values.

we need to pass UniqueConcatenatedoutput string to document property.





Output in doument property:


I tried to do using Javascript, but unable to pass output string to document property.

Attaching DXP.

Any other approach is appreciated.

please help.

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If you just insert script section in HTML before instead of js it works in Spotfire Analyst

$("#main input").focus();

var reader = new FileReader();

function readText(that){

if(that.files && that.files[0]){

var reader = new FileReader();

reader.onload = function(e) {

var output=e.target.result;



document.getElementById('main').innerHTML= output;

};//end onload()


}//end if html5 filelist support


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