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Add different horizontal lines to Trellis in Combo or Line Charts

K Clark

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I am trying to add a horizontal line of specific value to trellis charts. The horizontal line for each chart is a different value. ie. Horizontal Line: 5.00 for one trellis and Horizontal Line:1.00 for the other trellis. I only want the specific to show on the each chart not both horizontal lines which is what I am getting. I have read all the other similar questions posted here but none of the answers are clear enough for me to solve the issue. I have attached a .jpg that shows the issue. I have tried using both line charts and combo charts.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Is it possible to use an expression to come up with the value for each horizontal line instead of entering a static value Something like Avg(Y) If it's a computed value then you can check the box for "One per Trellis panel" to get different values.


If not then you might want to add this suggestion to our Ideas Portal here:




Other users can vote for ideas and add their own comments, then our Product Management team uses this site to decide on features for future versions of the program.

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No, and there in lies the problems.  The 2 numbers I am trying to show are "cut-off" values for each measurement that alerts the users that further investigation needs to be done.  I guess I could just create 2 completely separate charts but it wasn't my preferred way.  I was hoping there was some slick workaround that I could use to fake Spotfire out and allow me to do it in the combo chart.
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