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How to export visualization page as HTML file with IronPython

Beket Kalybayev

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The export to HTML functionality is most likely an Custom Export Tool that you might have implemented as it is not an out of the box functionality that is available.

And currently there is no API to execute the CustomExportTool from IronPython scripting.

I would suggest you file an enhancement request for that feature in the Ideas portal linked above: http://ideas.tibco.com/

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Thank you Shandilya for your answer. I appreciate.


I found out about an absence of IronPython API for this kind of functionality. Yes, there is only one way to solve this issue is through writing my own Custom Extension with C#. So bad that Tibco has provided this functionality through UI, but not with API. 


I will definetely put this idea to their ideas portal. 




Kind regards,



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