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How to save credentials after add a data table from a Oracle Database

Andres Calvo

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I forgot to check the box "allow to save credentials" when I was adding a table for a fairly complex tool that I'm developing at my work.

This is a common problem that I usually fix replacing the date but in this case I notice my mistake after a lot of connections and calculated columns before so I want to know if there is any step to fix it.

I already try to do it by edit > data connection properties but in this case the box just show empty.


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Since you are using 'OracleClient Data Provider', there is no option on UI to save the credentials after the connection. But one way would be to change file extension fromdxp to zip(make sure you have a copy of file before changing extension), extract and locateAnalysisDocument.xml file.Search for name of oracle server in the file, you should be able seeUser ID=;Password= . Edit that, save and convert it back to dxp. Please note that this is generally not a recommended solution as it maybreak the file if more than required changes are made. Recommended way to connect to Oracle would be to use connector so that you can save and change credentials from the UI.

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