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Spotfire JSViz - how to stop rendercore() firing when it doesn't need to

Janine Rawnsley 4

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RenderCore() is being triggered when a data table has it's data source replaced on the active page / visuals (in this case, via pythonscript).

However, the table in question is *not* used/referenced at all in this JSViz. The event should not fire, there is no need to reload the panel.

Has anyone any experience with this - does anyone know how to restrict the rendercore() event(s) in the jsviz.js code to only fire when relevant / or even disable it from anything other than a first time / on page load Or is there some kind of "best practise" to make sure the DOM remains in tact even when a rendercore fires Currently i just have the entire page building code in rendercore.

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Found I can do this to keep the DOM in tact


var _sfdata

//Main render function

function renderCore(sfdata) {

if (_sfdata) {

} else {

_sfdata = sfdata





function loadPage() {



Keeping the question open as I'd like to understand a bit mroe about why renderCore is fired when I really don't think it should be.

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