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Can anyone tell me briefly what kind of ETL jobs that spotfire data wrangling can't do

Vikash G

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I know that spotfire allows us to do a bit of data modelling using data wrangling. But, I just wanted to know its limitations as we know that they are many ETL tools to perform the data cleaning and preparation part. So, can anyone let me know briefly certain things that can be done in ETL tools but cannot be done in spotfire As spotfire is basically build for visualizations. Thanks.
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Spotfire can be powered by data functions, which can basically run any kind of data wrangling.

See this for native Spotfire data wrangling:


This for TERR (the TIBCO version of R):


There are extensions for Python data functions: available from Spotfire 7.13


and Statistica data functions:


And lots more info on the community wiki (or by googling the terms directly).


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