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Reset hierarchy slider on bar chart using IronPython


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Hi all,

I need to reset a bar chart so that the categorical axis, which is a four-tiered hierarchy, is programmatically reset to the "least specific" level. How can I go about doing this

The only way I can think to do this is:

barChart.As[barChart]().XAxis.Expression = barChart.As[barChart]().XAxis.Expression.replace("3","0").replace("2","0").replace("1","0")The issue is that it is difficult to write an expression for a chart on a categorical axis if the axis requires an alias. Thus, in the above, I edit the existing expression to change any value of "hierarchy level" to 0. It isn't a very good way to achieve this as it requires me to replace every value level individually, meaning that if more levels are added to the hierarchy then I will need to add these values as a separate replace function.

Does anyone know of a better way to achieve this



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