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Change in Cross Table with Property Control

Mandar Kavishwar 6

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Hi I have 2 questions regarding Cross table.

1 . I need to change columns in a cross table with property control.

Ex. There are 6 columns : Col 1, Col2 , Col3 , Col4, Col 5, Col6

I am using list box property :

It has 2 values like Val1, Val2.

When i select Val1 , Out put should be :Col 1, Col2 , Col3 , Col4

When i select Val2 , Output should be :Col 1, Col2 ,Col 5, Col6

I tried many ways to get this done, but i am getting error. I think i am doing something wrong. Can anyone help me please

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1) You can use python script to set the cross table visualization axes to have specified columns on selecting any value in list box:


2) If your columns count isfixed like 4 columns for each value selection in document property you can use conditional statement in cross table axes like:

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Hi Kavi,




Can you please help me to understand how did you do with a custom expression


As soon as I put Property value $Date.Shipped in my column's expression , it automatically takes the current value of Date Shipped and doesn't change even if I change the dropdown in my text area.





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