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How to find prediction returns based on previous month returns using weibull analysis in Process Analysis

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I am working on to predict Warranty claim return for each month forthcoming. Here i attached the excel file which having YEARMONTH(YYYYMM) wise return counts, i need to know prediction value for 2019 for each month by using Weibull & Reliability function on Statistica. Please let me know how to proceed further, i am struggling in Censored and complete variables column. Because here returns from customer on each month by month shipped.
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Censored and complete flags are important in any analysis when you are measuring time to event.

Typically you have in the data cases where you know what was the exact time to event (these are Complete), and you have also cases where you do not know time to event exactly because event does not happend yet. But in this case you know that time to event is larger than some value (these are called Censored data).

So, I believe, you need to transform your data into the form where there will be times from shipped date to time of event (warranty clain return) for Complete cases and times from shipped date to actual date for Censored cases.

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