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How to retrieve data from Mongo DB

Sanjib Karmakar

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I have created one Mongo DB data 'ntfctndb' and collection 'ntfctncollection'.

I have added following message


"_id" : ObjectId("5c2e76d4df0f51c9bbe2a573"),

"messageSource" : "e722d4ae-9d27-42e0-9c39-ada9aaa17112",

"messageId" : "520d125ddb3ea3003be104c2ca9619e6",

"messageType" : "AFFD4825-D7C5-48F6-A892-11D9D9EFC932",

"messageStatus" : "new",

"hideDismiss" : "1",

"messageUserId" : "181",

"messagePayload" : "{"title":"System issue"}",

"messageDateTime" : "2019-01-03T20:07:49.000Z"


I have used one 'Query Documents' activity and sends following queuey JSON format

{ "_id":"ObjectId("5c2e76d4df0f51c9bbe2a573")" }

'Query Documents' is returing following output




Am I missing anything

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This is what I have found which solve the issue

RAW JSON Message is

{ "messageSource" : "e722d4ae-9d27-42e0-9c39-ada9aaa17112", "messageId" : "520d125ddb3ea3003be104c2ca9619e6", "messageType" : "AFFD4825-D7C5-48F6-A892-11D9D9EFC932", "messageStatus" : "new", "hideDismiss" : "1", "messageUserId" : "181", "messagePayload" : "{"title":"System issue","}", "messageDateTime" : "2019-01-03T20:07:49.000Z" }


When we insert it in MongoDB, using BW 'Insert Document' Activity,MongoDB adds unique identificaiton like ObjectId("5c2e76d4df0f51c9bbe2a573")

{ "_id" : ObjectId("5c2e76d4df0f51c9bbe2a573"), "messageSource" : "e722d4ae-9d27-42e0-9c39-ada9aaa17112", "messageId" : "520d125ddb3ea3003be104c2ca9619e6", "messageType" : "AFFD4825-D7C5-48F6-A892-11D9D9EFC932", "messageStatus" : "new", "hideDismiss" : "1", "messageUserId" : "181", "messagePayload" : "{"title":"System issue","}", "messageDateTime" : "2019-01-03T20:07:49.000Z" }


Now if we use BW 'Query Documents' Activity without any query it will retrieve the data and there we can find that ObjectId is appearing as $oid

{ "_id" : { "$oid" : "5c2e76d4df0f51c9bbe2a573"} , "messageSource" : "e722d4ae-9d27-42e0-9c39-ada9aaa17112" , "messageId" : "520d125ddb3ea3003be104c2ca9619e6" , "messageType" : "AFFD4825-D7C5-48F6-A892-11D9D9EFC932" , "messageStatus" : "new" , "hideDismiss" : "1" , "messageUserId" : "181" , "messagePayload" : "{"title":"System issue","}", "messageDateTime" : "2019-01-03T20:07:49.000Z"}


Now to retireve any Document from the MongoDB we need to use following JSON formatted Query { "_id" :{"$oid" : "5c2e76d4df0f51c9bbe2a573"}} and need to pass to BW 'Query Documents' Activity.


In my case it worked. Hope it will work for you. You need to modify it according to your need.

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