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ERROR 42X01: SSL connect()::Unknown protocol

Piyush Bisen 2

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Hi Spotfire team, I am trying to connect Spotfire with my Spark cluster using "Apache Spark SQL". Getting this error "ERROR 42X01: SSL connect()::Unknown protocol" I am following this step: 1. Provide the Snappy cluster IP address 2. Select "Username and Password" as Authentication method 3. Provide Username and Password both "APP" 4. Select SASL in Advanced tab 5. Click on "Connect"
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What authentication type was setup on your spark server And are those the default credentials However, Spark ODBC driver is configured in such a way that you can use 'Username and Password' only if your spark cluster is configured to use LDAP authentication. If the authentication in the configuration file is 'None', then you canselect'Username' in spotfire and leave username blank. Also check transport mode and SSL in your configfile. Check the below link for more details.



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