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Line chart, line colors and webplayer: can I enable color picker without edit dxp

Chris Larsen 3

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Hi, I have a line chart with multiple lines, every line is a product. Suppose I want to see 4-5 products simultaneously each time. I have lots of products and line chart colors are categorical, spotfire assigns them randomically and users too can chose the products they want. Sometimes colors automatically assigned from Spotfire are clear, different from each other, other times colors are very similar between them and user can't distinguish lines. On Analyst you can simply clic on legend and change line's color easily, but on web player it seems you can't do this without edit-save the report. How can I deal with it I made some researches but it seems I can't allow user to change line's color through script, how can I fix this Are there any kind of features to enable color picker from web player without user should edit-save the report
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You can control what access the user should have been editing the licenses connected to a group where the user is a member of in Administration manager (found under Tools in Spotfire Analyst).

You can for example create a new group, add only "Open File" and "Open from Library" under TIBCO Spotfire Enterprise Player, and under TIBCO Spotfire Business Author, add "TIBCO Spotfire Business Author", "Simple Visualization Properties" and any additional you might need in your use case.

This way, the user can change colour of the lines as well as change a few other things (change columns for example), but they cannot save the file. Could this be a solution for you

You can read more in detail about the different licenses if you from within Spotfire Analyst, go to Administration manager, go to "Groups and Licenses" tab and then "Licenses" tab and click "Help" button and click "Description of Groups and Licenses" in the new window that opened.

Kind regards


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