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Cannot connect to a PostgreSQL 11 database

Petko Ditchev

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I'm trying to connect SpotFire to a PostgreSQL database (ver. 11) . I got the error message: "ERROR [42703] ERROR: column p.proisagg does not exist; Error while executing the query" . I tried versions 9.*, 10.* and 11.* of the ODBC driver, whith the same result. Tested the DB with other services and it works (DBeaver, pgAdmin4). As far as I could figure out removing proisagg was a recent backwards incompatible change in PostgreSQL 11. Reference mailing list discussion: https://www.postgresql.org/message-id/CAFj8pRD8y4CLmMq8zEcNsx8YW27s55yvS...

Any advice would be appreciated. i guess I could've missed something.

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The ODBC driver, as it's the only option (AFAIK) for connection to PostgreSQL via SpotFire Desktop. I could test my DB and the ODBC driver with razorsql, but it's just a vanilla PostgreSQL database on linux (freshly made), I recon someone has already done that for the realeased versions of the driver. I'm pretty sure it's a bug on the SpotFire side, but I wanted to doublecheck here before posting a ticket.
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