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Navigation (Linking) between Spofire Analytics


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Hi Developers,

I wanted to implement a requiremnet to navigate from one report to another using links/actions in TIBCO Spotfire. For instance, i have a report for which i supposed to mark on crosstable/bar graph should redirect to another reportin library. Please assist me in achieving this one in spofire eoither by using actions or Iron python scripts.

Looking forwward for a response and thanks in advance.

Cheers, Phaneendra

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Hi Raghav, 




Thanks for your quick response. Typically my requirement is marking on Visualisation or providing a link to rediret another report is to be accomplished. Basically Summary Report is drilling down to different dxp file which is having a detailed information. 


Please share your more thoughts and i will go through thr link you provided.




Thank you agian for your post.




Regards, Phany

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Hello, Few more ways i can think of, i am not trying to complicate, but possible ways, 1.Configuration Blocks , probably create a Configuration block as a Link a table viz and navigate anywhere you want. You can search for "configuraiton blocks in spotfire" 2.An iron python script, where you capture the marked records, convert it into a dictionary of your choice and pass it to a config block which can navigate Regards
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